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RPS Saga Apk Download (1)RPS Saga + Mod (Unlimited money) 02/10/2017
retro-city-rampage-dx-apk-download-droidapk-org-1Retro City Rampage DX v1.0.4 12/24/2016
race-max-android-apk-download-droidapk-org-1Race Max Mod(Unlimited money) 12/10/2016
raymanRayman Adventures v2.1.0 03/07/2017
sky-hill-apk-download-droidapk-org-1SKYHILL v1.0.47 + Mod (Unlimited All) 01/20/2017
Dead Reckoning Broadbeach APK (1)Dead Reckoning: Broadbeach v1.0 Full 04/16/2017
Zombie Drift APK Download (1)Zombie Drift + Mod (Unlimited Money) 02/18/2017
Death Race The Game APKDeath Race: The Game v1.0.7 04/16/2017
rarura-apk-download-droidapk-org-1Rarura v1.0 01/09/2017

Category: VR

RIVR VR APK (1)RIVR VR v1.0.6 Full 04/27/2017


RIVR is a bright and dynamic runner for virtual reality. Use your skills and abilities to change colors to run as fast as possible, and explore different worlds. Go through the hills, green marshes and frozen mountains. Change the world with your fingertip. Navigate between the dimensions to go through the objects. Try to reach the light as far as possible on the horizon and beyond.

Eclipse Edge of Light APK (6)Eclipse: Edge of Light 04/20/2017

Eclipse Edge of Light APK (3)Eclipse Edge of Light APK (1) Eclipse Edge of Light APK (2) Eclipse Edge of Light APK (4) Eclipse Edge of Light APK (5)

Landing on a smarter planet, you wake up to discover the world of dreams, filled with wonder, and remains and the remains of civilization. You will find a powerful relic that might interact with the ancient technology and give you magical powers. What secrets keeps the planet? What a disaster has destroyed its inhabitants? Use your space suit and jet equipment, explore ancient ruins, to uncover the mysterious past of the planet.

Virtual Rabbids The Big Plan APKVirtual Rabbids: The Big Plan v1.0.124763 Full 04/16/2017

Virtual Rabbids The Big Plan APK (3)Virtual Rabbids The Big Plan APK (1) Virtual Rabbids The Big Plan APK (2) Virtual Rabbids The Big Plan APK (4)

Share the stage with the Rabbids in an offbeat experience in which you’re the hero. Plunge into funny Rabbids world full of nutty tools, and make your way through a story which might change world fate !

– Dive into the first Rabbids VR experience on mobile
Get up closer than ever to the Rabbids! Plunge into their world and experience a new kind of emotions with an innovative way to play thanks to the Daydream remote and headset.
Make it out of a strange surgery alive, play national anthems using crazy objects, and try to do your shopping despite chaos generated by the Rabbids.

– Interact with Rabbids
Become the first individual able to communicate with the Rabbids! Try to understand their gestures, use their items and work with them to reach your objectives.

– Play with kooky gadgets
Unlock a wide range of tools and explore each experience to reveal hidden toys. The more you play, the more interactions and surprise moments you will enjoy!

SculptrVR APK (1)SculptrVR v1.0 Full 04/16/2017

SculptrVR APK (4)SculptrVR APK (1) SculptrVR APK (3) SculptrVR APK (5) SculptrVR APK (2)

SculptrVR makes it easy to create, explore, and share incredible new worlds in virtual reality.

Make yourself thousands of feet tall and build mountains, or shrink yourself down and design the tiniest of details.

SculptrVR’s intuitive tools let you color and shape every voxel as you make creations to match your imagination.

Join with friends across platforms to create, explore, and destroy together.

Move the sun or moon, and add fog to create the right ambiance.

In your world, anything is possible!

Toy Clash APK (6)Toy Clash v1.1.3r6-GVR Full 04/08/2017

Toy Clash APK (3) Toy Clash APK (4) Toy Clash APK (5) Toy Clash APK (1) Toy Clash APK (2)

Get ready for a fierce battle of cute toys on table-top!
Use your mighty magic and unique toys to stop annoying opponents from making a disturbance.

Toy Clash is a tower offense game that uses toys to prevent the attack of enemies break down their towers.
Upgrade your toys and use your own strategy to win the battle.

– 32 challenging stages
– 6 unique toy units, 6 powerful spells
– Challenge all missions and collect 96 stars.

Flushy Fish VR APK (7)Flushy Fish VR v1.0.0 Full 04/04/2017

Flushy Fish VR APK (6)Flushy Fish VR APK (2) Flushy Fish VR APK (1) Flushy Fish VR APK (4) Flushy Fish VR APK (5) Flushy Fish VR APK (3)

New on Daydream VR: Flushy Fish VR Just Squidding Around.

Play as Flushy, a fearless prince who was turned into a fish, and join the resistance in Carouba to take down the evil witch king Norman.

Collect golden stars to unlock 30 worlds, 3 chapters and 3 bosses
Collect 100 coins to get a extra life
Exclusively designed for Daydream VR
Comfortable VR Experience
Rating: Everybody
Use the controller touchpad to move the camera and shoot from the main button

All the income will be used to make the game better. Thanks for your support!

Join thousands of others on

Flushy Fish VR: The Story of a Fearless Prince Who Was Turned Into a Fish

Faraway in the Golden Star Galaxy once lived a happy Kingdom of Caroba ruled by King Bubbles and Queen Barbara who had a newborn child Prince Flushy.

From the shadows of the Golden Star once came a witch-king Norman who wanted to enslave Caroba and take over the magical golden stars. To defeat Caroba Norman turned prince Flushy into a fish, and sent him to the deepest place in the world, where he could never find the way back home.

His monstrous forces reclaimed Caroba, invaded their land and they are now ready to take on the rest of the world with mayhem.

There was one last hope… Trinity, the explosive fairy who could find Flushy and guide him back home to save the kingdom.

Trinity never gave up and searched Flushy for 30 years until now…


The game is suitable and accessible for everybody from children to adults with very simple controls.

Stay tuned for updates – The game is constantly evolving with updates of more VR worlds and characters with the goal to make the most beautiful and interesting VR entertainment for us to enjoy.

The Other ROOM APK (1)The Other Room v1.12.500.50.40 Full 04/02/2017

The Other ROOM APK (2)The Other ROOM APK (6) The Other ROOM APK (1) The Other ROOM APK (3) The Other ROOM APK (4) The Other ROOM APK (5)

The Other Room is a VR escape room mind bender. It pits your wits against a mysterious twisted genius. Use the intuitive Daydream controller to move within each room and recon your surroundings.

In Story Mode: grab, manipulate, and examine objects, then use them to solve puzzles that will bring you one step closer to uncovering your antagonist’s identity, origins, and master plan.

– Multiple rooms and levels.
– Timed levels: think on your feet and escape the room before time runs out, or face the consequences.
– Intuitive object controls: manipulate items like in real life thanks to the Daydream precision controller.
– A true VR video story line.
– A dense mix of ambisonic and binaural audio for a truly immersive experience.
– Lifelike antagonist: speaks to you and evaluates you psychologically.
– Rooms self-configure as you solve puzzles.
– Procedurally generated puzzles.
What’s New in 1.12.500.5040
– Initial release

Battle Planet APK Download (7)Battle Planet v0.9.1.28 Full 02/19/2017

Battle Planet APK Download DroidApk.orgBattle Planet APK Download (5) Battle Planet APK Download (6) Battle Planet APK Download (1) Battle Planet APK Download (2) Battle Planet APK Download (3) Battle Planet APK Download (4)

You’re all alone on a micro planet in space when the deadly TERMINOIDS attack you from all sides. Now it’s you against a gigantic army of enemies! All that stands between you and death is your gun power and a bomb defusal drone. Experience a stunning looking rogue-like VR shooter with nonstop action. Endless planets, massive bossfights and ultimate firepower awaits you. Fight your way up the Highscore ranks in this addictive One-Stick shooter and become a combat legend. How long will you survive until you’re planets blows to pieces?


* Intriguing One-Stick shooting gameplay
* Rogue-like VR action with endless planets
* Gigantic boss fights and high score challenges
* Power weapons, upgrades and dozens of enemy types

Battle Planet is from the awarded German game development studio THREAKS, creators of the critical acclaimed music adventure BEATBUDDY (available on the Google Playstore). THREAKS already won the German Videogame Award, German Developer Award, Epic Games Award and multiple other international honors.

Bait! Android Apk Download (6)Bait! v1.0.5459 02/14/2017

Bait! Android Apk Download (1) Bait! Android Apk Download (1) Bait! Android Apk Download (2) Bait! Android Apk Download (3) Bait! Android Apk Download (4) Bait! Android Apk Download (5)

You have come to Bait! Island to help your boss catch a rare fish, and thereby save the struggling aquarium where you work.

During the game, you will catch a lot of different fish and make friends with the locals. Will you be able to keep your loyalties both to your new friends and to your boss?

Gameplay spans five different lakes, each with a distinct style and its own unique set of fishes. Can you catch them all?

Use the Daydream controller to take control of your fishing rod in this hit VR game!

Purge Day VR APK Download (8)Purge Day VR v1.0.1 02/12/2017

Purge Day VR APK Download (1)Purge Day VR APK Download (6) Purge Day VR APK Download (7) Purge Day VR APK Download (2) Purge Day VR APK Download (5) Purge Day VR APK Download (3) Purge Day VR APK Download (4)


Something strange has happened. No one knows what. It is unstoppable. Our civilization is almost dead but Jack Bowman has to save his wife. Do you want to know how this story finishes?

Choose your weapon and fight against alien swarm in Asian agglomeration.

Purge Day VR is the first person narrative, immersive horror shooter designed exclusively for VR.

Purge Day VR is compatible with all non-powered virtual reality goggles such as: Google Tech C1, View Master, Knox V2, Powis Viewer, Homido, Fibrum, Lakento, Pop, Archos, Durovis and others Cardboard like headsets.


Guns, Cars, Zombies mod apk download (1)Guns, Cars, Zombies v1.0.9 + Mod (Unlimited Money) 03/05/2017
doodle-army-2-mini-militia-apk-download-droidapk-org-2Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia v3.0.86 + Mod (Pro Pack) 03/24/2017
Tom Clancy's ShadowBreak MOD APK (6)Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak v1.0.14 + Mod 04/02/2017
Valiant Force APK Download DroidApk.orgValiant Force v1.7.0 + Mod 01/29/2017
Bleach Brave souls MOD APK Download (1)BLEACH Brave Souls v4.4.0 + Mods 04/25/2017
Shadow Fight 3 APKShadow Fight 3 v1.0.3915 + Mod 04/27/2017
gun-x-zombie-infinity-apk-download-droidapk-orgGuns X Zombies: Infinity v2.5 + Mod (Unlimited gold) 03/18/2017
dragon-sim-online-apk-download-droidapk-orgDragon Sim Online: Be A Dragon + Mod(Unlimited Coins) 10/16/2016
monster-legend-apk-download-droidapk-orgMonster Legends 4.3.1 10/16/2016
door-kickers-apk-download-droidapk-orgDoor Kickers v1.0.65 + Mod 04/12/2017
lost in harmony Apk Download (1)Lost in Harmony v2.1.2 02/06/2017
ozOz: Broken Kingdom Mod v1.3 Unlocked Apk + Data 07/29/2016