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Summertime Saga APK + Save Data v0.14.31 Android Game Download

Download Summertime Saga APK v0.14.31 For Free - Summertime Saga Android APK Game Full Download For Free, Summertime Saga Android Game Download For Free

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Summertime Saga v0.14.31

Download Summertime Saga APK is a Game for Smartphone or Tablet, Download it for free in our website. Beside this one we have hundreds of other full versions of the best android games, we have also hundreds of modded games and apps in our collection. Daily updates.

Screenshots: Summertime Saga

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Descriptions: Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga is an adult game made by: DarkCookie (Art, Story, Design & Dialogue), NhKPaNdA (Lead Code), Hurfy (Code & Posing), Catbug (Dialogue & Posing), AoiichiNiiSan (Music & SFX), FL22 (Server side & Website) and sam9 (Stream, Discord & Awesomo’s daddy).

Set in a small suburban town, a young man finishing up High school and soon enlisting into College is struck by the death of his father. Mysterious circumstances surrounding the death are only the beginning of his problems as he learns that his family is in debt to a group of shady criminals. Adding to the list of problems, our young hero needs to save enough money before his College semester begins and find a date for prom night!

Summertime Saga is wholly supported by generous donations on Patreon. Please give us a bit of your loose change if you have any to spare!


1. Go to Erik’s Basement, then go to the backroom (room at the right of the basement)
2. Look into the cabinet under the aquarium
3. Talk to Erik at mid-day in his room, choose “Cards” option.

Need 50$ to buy it
1. Go to the Mall, then at the Comic Store, left at Pink (sex store)
2. Click on the cards’ showcase (under ths figurines’ showcase)
3. Buy the 2nd card : Cock Crown of Thorns
4. Talk to Erik at mid-day in his room, choose “Cock Crown of Thorns” option.

1. At mid-day, go to the gym, then in the Yoga Room (at the back of the Gym’s room)
2. Talk to Mrs. Johnson, choose “What was at ?” option : Anna appears during conversation.
Continue the main storyline : Let one day pass

Need to repair your computer
1. At mid-day, talk to Erik in the basement
2. Go to his bedroom : if “The Package” is an option of the conversation, it’s OK, else continue the main storyline.
3. Go to your bedroom, click on “Egay” on your computer, type “Orcette” in the search bar, then purchase the item.
4. Wait until Tuesday, check your mail box at front of your house, and take the box : don’t mind the 2 options.
5. Go to Erik’s house at morning, talk to Mrs Johnson
6. At mid-day, go to Erik’s bedroom and talk to him : choose “The package” option.

Need Dexterity up to 4 (Sister quest : trading pants twice – Electro Clit trade for pant the 2nd time.)
1. Sleep, and at morning Mom enters your room and say Mrs Johnson is at the door.
2. Go to entrance : Mrs Johnson talks to you.
3. At mid-day, go to Erik’s bedroom : Erik talks about his trouble.
4. Go to school : MC beaten by Dexter. Leave hospital.
5. Go to the entrance of your house : Mrs. Johnson and Mom discussion.

Need to complete E.
Need 700$.
1. Visit Erik at his basement : he’s drinking whiskey.
2. Go to the Comic Store at the mall, left at Pink (sex store)
3. Buy the VR glasses (in shelf, up to the figures’ showcase) : 600$
4. Click on the shelf at left of the store, buy the game “World of Orcette” : 100$
5. Talk to Erik in his bedroom, choose “VR Headset” option.
6. Talk to Mrs. Johnson at morning : she needs you to Yoga practice.
7. At night, go to gym, then to the Yoga Room : talk to Anna.
8. Choose “Downward Dog”, then “Happy Baby” and finally “Plow Position”
9. Talk to Mrs. Johnson at morning : she needs you for her Yoga exercise.

Need to complete F.
1. At morning, go to Erik’s bedroom. Then go to Mrs. Johnson’s bedroom : she’s breastfeeding her son.
2. Let one day pass.
3. Talk to Mrs. Johnson at morning : choose “Breastfeeding” option.
4. Go to Erik’s bedroom, and choose “Your mom” option.

NO NEED to unlock the Police Station (do homework once, go to Mia’s House at mid-day)
Need Dexterity up to 5.
Need to sleep several times to trigger random telescope scene.
1. When MC is hearing noise outside when sleeping, choose “Use the telescope”.
2. Go to the Backyard, click on the robber.
— If Police Station is unlocked
3. GO to the Police Station, then to Police Basement.
4. Talk to Larry (Erik’s Dad).
5. Go to Erik’s house : Mrs Johnson discussion.
6. At mid-day, talk to Erik in his bedroom : choose “Message from your Dad.” option.
7. Talk to Larry at Police Basement, then go to Park. Click on white tree.
8. Click on bag then on key.

Need to complete H.2.
Need Charisma up to 5
1. Let pass one day.
2. Go to Erik’s house : Mrs Johnson and Erik discussion.
3. At night, go to Mrs Johnson bedroom, choose “Invite to Poker”
4. Offer a drink (click on bottle of whiskey in basement)
5. Win Poker game by stripping Mrs Johnson.
6. Choose “Go see her” option. Then go to basement’s backroom. Click on Mrs Johnson : teasing scene.
7. Let one day pass. Go to Erik’s house : Mrs Johnson discussion.
8. Talk to Erik at mid-day.

Need to complete I.
1. Talk to Mrs Johnson : Erik’s House Entrance if morning, Mrs Johnson’s bedroom if night.
2. Choose “About Erik” option.
3. Three options :
i. “Sex education”
ii. “Get him a girlfriend”
iii. “Save menu” (if you want to save here, use ESCAPE button then SAVE, do not choose “Save menu” option else severe bug)

Need to choose (i) at J-3 point.
1. Let pass one day. Go to Erik’s bedroom : Erik conversation.
2. Go to Mrs Johnson’s bedroom : trigger side-quest Birth Control Pills and Karma Sutra book
3. Go to the Library, click on shelf and click on Yoga Kamasutra book.
4. Go to the Hospital.
5. Talk to the receptionnist Roz : choose “Schedule” option.
6. Go to 2nd floor, click on right door, and click on phone. Go to 1st floor, click on reception desk, then click on box keys : take card “STORAGE” card (access key).
7. Go to 2nd floor, click on right door, then click on up-left window : take “ANTI PREG” pills
8. GO to Mrs Johnson’s bedroom : MC gives her items.
9. Let one day pass, go to Mrs. Johnson’s bedroom. Click on her : choose “Sex education” option and ENJOY.

Need to choose (ii) at J-3 point.
1. Go to Erik’s bedroom, choose “Girlfriend” option.
2. Go to school, then to Computer Lab (next to Cafeteria)
3. Click on the geek girl, June. Choose “Ask about class”.
4. Two options :
i. “My friend Erik”
ii. “I’ll play”
iii. “Save menu” (if you want to save here, use ESCAPE button then SAVE, do not choose “Save menu” option else severe bug)

Need to choose (i) at K-4 point.
1. At mid-day, go to Erik’s bedroom. Talk to Erik and choose “Girlfriend” option.
2. At night, go to Mrs Johnson’s bedroom. Talk to her and choose “Girlfriend” option.
3. Let one daypass. Go to Erik’s house : Erik and June discussion.
4. At night, go to Mrs Johnson’s bedroom. Click on her : choose “Private Yoga” option and ENJOY.

Need to choose (ii) at K-4 point.
Need 300$.
1. At mid-day, go to Erik’s bedroom. Talk to Erik and choose “Girlfriend” option.
2. At night, go to Mrs Johnson’s bedroom. Talk to her and choose “Girlfriend” option.
3. Let one daypass. Go to Computer Lab at school. Talk to June, choose “Hang out” option.
4. At night, in your bedroom, talk to June, and choose “Play games” option.
5. Win the mini-game. Choose “It’s hot” option.
6. Go to Computer Lab at school. Talk to June, choose “Cosplay” option.
7. Go to Comic Store, left at Pink (sex store). Click on costume, and buy “Orcette Queen” outfit.
8. Go to Computer Lab at school. Talk to June, choose “Cosplay” option : give her the outfit.
9. At night, in your bedroom, talk to June : June wears outfit, fuck scene.
10. Each time you “Hang out” her (Computer Lab), you can fuck her at night in your bedroom : “Cosplay Sex” or “Sex”.

– Download here
– Extract and put the save folder in Android/Data/summer.time.saga/files/

-Open the game, and tap LOAD, and tap the box that has an images



Summertime Saga

Download Instruction

Click Download orange button below, Wait for 5 seconds and click the skipad at the right top corner, and the file will be automatically download. Sometimes the file is in another website, just click the download and the file will be download. For more info click this link "".

Apk File

Download MIRROR 972.2MB


How to install?

Download the game APK file, After Download Finish, tap the downloaded file in your notification bar and Install.

Or go to your File Manager and navigate your Download folder, find the game apk and install it.

Install Blocked?
Go to your Settings > Security >Unknown sources (check it if there’s no mark)
How to install the game with cache?

Download game APK file and Game Cache

Go to your File Manager and navigate your Download folder.

Find the gamecache file and tap long press the file and tap the menu in your phone and tap Extract or Decompressed.

After Extract or Decompressed the file, Copy the folder that start in com. and paste to Android/OBB folder or Android/Data. you can see in Download orange button above where to put the cache file

You can now Install the apk and open it.

Cant get it?
See our video How to install with gamecache
How to know my phone GPU?
To know your phone GPU, you need to install CPU-Z here Download and Install it and you will see your phone GPU Renderer in SOC tab

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          we already tested and working. just tap the box that has an image

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            Android/obb/summer..etc/files/saves right?
            Copied it there and games states old save data cannot be used with new version

            Main dl is a MIRROR on summersaga site …YOUR MIRROR is main download on summersaga site….
            Probably why Its a diff build

          • DroidApk says:

            you did not read our instruction in the description.

            yes it says cannot use. but still you can use. just find the image

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    — Full Traceback ————————————————————

    Full traceback:
    File “renpy/common/_layout/screen_main_menu.rpym”, line 32, in script
    File “/data/data/summer.time.saga/files/renpy/”, line 1377, in execute
    File “/data/data/summer.time.saga/files/renpy/”, line 313, in pop_dynamic
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    KeyError: u’_main_menu_screen’


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    Problema ko Kung paano makuha Yong compas na may kasamang skull, sir??

  166. Bryan Angelo Caringal says:

    Bakit Link expired po nagpapakita ? Malapit ko na matapos ee

  167. pogi says:

    bakit ganon 404 error? exp na Ba link.?

  168. pogi says:

    bakit ganon 404 error? exp na Ba link.? 100MB nlng pre 12HRS ako nag hintay bakit naman ganun? >.<

  169. Jay-ar says:

    Apat na araw na ako ng ddl ntu pru kahit isa sa mga dinownload ko nd natapus…lagi nlng unsuccessful ung dni dl ko….ok nmn ung connection ko…sa wifi… eexpry nlng ung unli ko sa wifi nd parin cguro ako nka dl ntu.
    .anu buh problema ntu…..lahat ng browser ginamit ko ni isa wala talaga..

  170. Rodrigo Escoloza says:

    I cant download this apk why ?
    ERROR 404 whats that mean?

  171. Laurence says:

    Hindi gumagana yung saved data. Kapag pinindot mo yung image sa load game nag error occured sya.

  172. ian says:

    ..sir ano po password ng computer slamat po

  173. Laurence says:

    Tinry ko na 5 times not working padin.

  174. missingyou says:

    Pano po i update to idol wala naman lumalabas. Pag click q ung update adfly lumalabas wla naman nag uupdate

  175. Nico says:

    Boss bakit ayaw ma download?

  176. jays says:

    sir bakit ayaw ma dL papupunta sa ibang page .MEGA lumalabas. ano nangyari parang expire na link nyo

  177. SDZ says:

    natapos mo na ung cheerleader costume idol?san mo nakuha?

  178. SDZ says:

    sino na nakakuha ng cheerleader costume at saan makukuha?

  179. jhake says:

    hello admin na download ko naman po sya kaso application not install ang lumalabas pag iniinstall ko sya di po ba sya pwde sa kitkat version ng andriod kasi kitkat lang po yung version ng phone ko salamat po

  180. Jay says:

    Hi..i’m kinda troubled on saving after the please

  181. paul says:

    where can i find cheerleader’s uniform?! pls help.. thanks..

  182. mantingg says:

    cant download the update dataa

  183. Magz says:

    Sir bkt lge unsupported file

  184. triiii says:

    Cant download the saved data now. It seems like it was corrupted.

  185. torjak says:

    Sir bat ayaw ma download yung save data?

  186. Destiny says:

    How to have sex with aunt Diane? Everyday i came to Diane’s house to help clean the garden. Help me please

  187. deee says:


  188. jan says:

    malayo na ba progress nung save file na nasa taas?

  189. Abdullah Nadeem says:

    It is not download

  190. Edgar says:

    Sir why i can’t get the mission of donald trumph to the comfort room @ the mall pls help me sir sincerly you supporters in this game

  191. AGISTRENINT says:

    Anung next na gagawin kung nakoha ko na un key sa bag next side of the tree sir??

  192. alex says:

    nagana ba sa 512 ram yan sir?

  193. mjhay says:

    why i cant open the app? its hard to download can you use easy to download the apps?

  194. miles says:

    ang bagal madownload bakit kaya?

  195. 101 says:

    please release the updated version…i cant play the game theres nothing more that i need to do

  196. j1a0z1 says:

    what do i need to do after having private yoga session and having s3x with june

  197. johnny says:

    how can iget the key to roxy…when itry to call it sed no reason to call

  198. johnny says:

    how can iget the key to roxy…when itry to call it sed no reason to called.. pa help

  199. MalibogPINOY says:

    The save data is not working because its .zip file and when i tries to extract it at the saves folder and enter the still theres no save data to load. I think it needs to be the .save file for it to work. Thanks anyway!

  200. Angel says:

    Bakit po download unsuccessful?

  201. Treb says:

    Boss may update naba?

  202. Leo says:

    Why can’t finish,homework? It’s shows “This game is in Aplha state”’s means need update or need unlock other quests?

  203. AGISTRENINT says:

    Tagal naman un next version wala nang magawa bat kasi dpa full version ito

  204. Fap Fap says:

    Bakit po nagcacrash yung game pag ioopen ko? Hindi ko po malaro. Madami pa naman free sa storage ko pero bakit po ganun ?

  205. Nash says:

    Ano po password para mabuksan to?

  206. Lopez says:

    Admin how to update the app??

  207. johnd says:

    Ilang mb poh sya pay nainstall na sa system

  208. new says:

    It says download.then when i tap it i get do i download it really?

  209. veroli says:

    how can i fix the severe bug..

  210. veroli says:

    how can i fix the severe bug on my game..i cant use my game normally..please i need the answer

  211. Kweky00001 says:

    My tab says there is a problem with parsing the package. What does that means?

  212. Jehu says:

    Boss pagkatapos e download may next step paba.

  213. veroli says:

    please answer my question..

  214. Puneeth says:

    Bro can you plz uplaod twist 3D adult game plz upload

  215. Dave says:

    Bakit ayawag install dalawang beses ko na dinownload sayang download

  216. Edgar says:

    Sir what day of releasing the full version or the 14.0 summer time saga sir what day of october?? Im waiting for your approve message sir

  217. Treb says:

    Oo nga hinihintay ko yung update kulang kasi di makapag sine

  218. Edgar says:

    Sir droid apk can i see you fb for the latest update?? Message me always i will your suppportive

  219. Edgar says:

    Same ra tayo boss ang latest nalang kulang

  220. pj says:

    saan ko banda i dodownload yung save data? TIA

  221. PANU PO YUNG “Sex Education AT Give a GirlFriend” D ko kasi na SAVE…nakuha kuna yung “Sex education” Panu po ibabalik don sa “GIve a GirlFriend?

  222. Janjan says:

    Hahaha na download ko din 5 hours……thank you poe nagana poe ung save data just follow instruction

  223. michael says:

    Sir pano makakaligo sa locker room dnu dapat gawin d xa mkpsok kasi my nkharang n 2 babae

  224. aghams says:

    kailan pa mag ask ang ate ng mc sa cheerleader outfit?

  225. Someone says:


  226. aghams says:

    kapag sa pc ka nag dl pwede pa bang mag load yung naka-save na data sa previous version? o magsimula sa pinaka-una?

  227. muslimen bacarat paco says:


  228. TS Escorts says:

    94401 908627Chaga mushroom tea leaf is thought-about any adverse health elixir at Spain, Siberia and a lot of n . Countries in europe sadly contains before you go ahead significantly avoidable the main limelight under western culture. Mushroom 120919

  229. justine says:

    problem occured when parsing the package, i can’t download the game pls help me

  230. Kwentong summer says:

    Do we have any updates about the summer time saga?how can i make the assignment french volume 3

  231. Mac says:

    Pano mapataas ang dexterity?

  232. Ren says:

    Kok didownload ulangi terus ya, itu kenapa?
    Di hp zenfone 5 ram 2gb jalan gak ya?

  233. Kwentong summer says:

    Natapos mo na ba sir yung training ?yung dexterity tsaka strength?pano makakuha ng dexterity??

  234. Ren says:

    Lagi lahi, baru download sebentar macet ditengah jalan, itu kenapa ya?

  235. sinja says:

    sir do you have the 2nd stage update?

  236. sasuno says:

    why ingame gameplay and touch delay after 1min my phone specs is
    2.1ghz octa core
    hisilicon kirin 655
    mali t820 mp2
    3gb ram
    android 7.0

  237. Kwentong summer says:

    0.14 version?meron na ba?october na

  238. eudy says:

    D na ba ieextract yung save files?

  239. Reyaz says:

    Why is game version is still showing 0.02 in app info after installing apk ?

  240. Monster says:

    Cant download this new version ots dam slow
    But others app is downloading fast ??
    Plz fix this

  241. TheGoldBoy808 says:

    Hi admin was wondering how to connect to other web cams the your sister in the game

  242. jay says:

    i cant download the apk with my samsung grand max

  243. joker31 says:

    Sir san kupo mhahanap ang pinapahanap ng sister nya. Ung nka higa sa bed nya dun nko. Di ako mka alis dun..

  244. joker31 says:

    Ung sa may cam show

  245. Jerret says:

    I’m stuck at Roxxy’s shower scene how do I get past that to carry on with the game

  246. bravo says:

    Is it okay when i download the file, it has only 774.65 i think, does it okay…

  247. Senpaidaisuke says:

    Gumagana po ba to sa samsung j2?

  248. Zeroo says:

    Paano po ba e update boss?

  249. Zeroo says:

    Help po ba ulit.kapag mg update?

  250. Playsafe says:

    Slow download,

  251. Code•X says:

    Lol virus peke pa skip ad pa kau may virus naman to tang ina nyo

    • DroidApk says:

      there is no virus here. thats advertisement. maybe you dont know how to read english. go to school first

  252. Negro says:

    Sir bat di po mainstall sa Asus zenfone 6 ko? Enough naman storage

  253. jay says:

    Bos this is the latest version?

  254. rodel says:

    app not installed in asus zenfone 2 z00d..but in my low end phone, its working..sad life hahha

  255. AGISTRENINT says:

    Update naba yan?

  256. Mj says:

    Bat ayaw po sa huawei y5 II ?

  257. jan jan says:

    eto ba ung version na unlocked na ung yate? and beach?

  258. kalabog says:

    Sir its only 894mb why its to slow to donwload is it a corrupt file?

  259. RMG farm says:

    Sir.. I have a full file of summertimesaga but this for pc..can i play this to my mobile? What I just download the SAVE FILE? will it work?

  260. RIco says:

    Sir apha stage parin po ba 2? May mga underconstaction parin po ba? Asap

  261. DEMIGOD says:


  262. onslay says:

    I can’t install this version, need to install v1.13.1?

  263. 500 internal server error always appear when i try to download what you said in instruction.

  264. Henry says:

    500 internal server error appear when i try to download the apps.

  265. carl says:

    I have previous version .how to up date or redownload it.Is the new update is unlock all?

  266. It’s working now. Thanks <3

  267. Kristine says:

    can’t download save data T_T

  268. ss guest says:

    request for mediafire link thanks

  269. Wew says:

    Boss pa detail naman kung ano ang bago dito sa updated nato…

  270. Kwentong summer says:

    Boss bagong update ba ito?help sir ano ang mga nabago?

  271. Kwentong summer says:

    Or ano ang ggwin para makaadvance?stuck ako sa french volume 3

  272. Kian says:

    How to update?

  273. daniel says:

    Hii pag tapos ba I download ehh tapos ma install ehh lalaruin ko nalang wala baba kaylangan?

  274. daniel says:


  275. Arjan says:

    How to install in iphone?

  276. waleed adam says:

    how to install pls?

  277. Altamash says:


  278. kick says:

    is this is a mod

  279. rolando says:

    Sir pag nadownload ko yong latest update kailangang ko PA po bang e Android/data/save?????????

  280. carl says:

    how about previous save to continue

  281. Endarko says:

    please google drive link

  282. romar says:

    is this the latest update foe this game?

  283. romar says:

    is this the latest version?

  284. Demigod says:

    Di nagana ung save data ?

  285. jp says:

    sir error ung data save file..

  286. RATBU says:

    Boss SDL ERROR panu po yun?

  287. jomari says:

    Cant installed pano to? prehas lng po ba yung link ng apk at mirror?

  288. RATBU says:

    Hinahanap ung

  289. Cezar says:

    Can i have a save game for the new version? 0.14 save data?? thanks!

  290. Jhnrybrns says:

    Stuck in the shower mission haha haha .. What todo ?

  291. Francis says:

    Eto na ba bagong update

  292. siraulo says:

    How much data does it need to be installed? I already installed the apk, but when I’m about to install the package, it says that my phone lacks space, but I already have 1.1gb of free data in my internal memory

  293. jai says:

    still now working, I can see the image but …

  294. Carl says:

    Sir the mystery key para saan po yun?

  295. triiii says:

    Whata thw difference between version 14 and 14.1? I downloaded ver. 14 last night. Is there a big difference?

  296. hagaga says:

    Sir if android phone po gamit anong version po need ng android for the game to run po?

  297. lawrence says:

    Kaya po ba to ng huawie y541-u02??
    I GB ram po KitKat 1.2ghz 4core kasi po app not install ang nakalagay..

  298. DEMIGOD says:

    Wala pang Save Data ?

  299. Jeprox says:

    Sir ayaw gumana ng save file

  300. Je says:

    I cant install it

  301. Je says:

    App not intall

  302. kolokoy says:

    bkit d po gumagana yun save data

  303. carl says:

    Is this still in beta version? When will be update full unlock update?

  304. diegowafulz says:

    please update walkthrough in version 14.1

  305. Kuniho-Chan says:

    Pa update ng save file pang 0.14 <3

  306. mcdea says:

    good eve paps.
    i download the vo.14.1 file , where did i put the file to used it in the games?
    can u help us?

  307. Jacкo says:

    Good evening Dev. I just downloaded the apk file v14.1,but when i click the install button it says app not installed and i tried many times,what will I do in able for this to work?
    I will wait for your response inthe comments or in my email add [email protected] Thanks.

  308. Eden Hazard says:


  309. Cuteness Overload says:

    Bakit hindi po ako makapasok kay roxxy sa lockeroom tapos pinindot ko yung please tapos hindi talaga siya papasokin tapos sa message may naka chr na pula ano bayon????

  310. mc says:

    sir pano maopen ung save data

  311. mc says:

    not installed kailangan paba uninstalled ung old game

  312. mc says:

    sir ayaw mainstalled pano gagawin ko

  313. mc says:

    sa cloudfone excite prime

  314. roldan says:

    Kailan ulit new release ng bagong update? tapos ko Na kc!

  315. King says:

    Do i need to download again the entire file?? Because i cannot see the update only..

  316. dinchi says:

    how to unlock the hospital

  317. Deejay says:

    Hellow admin why can download save data?

  318. azis says:

    The save data can’t work sir.why?

    • DroidApk says:

      working. download the file and extract. please read our instruction in the description area

  319. Chojack Mat says:


  320. Fizz says:

    How much space does this game consumes to be installed anyway?

  321. Edgar says:

    Sir lahat ng na save ko sa summer time nawala bigla kasi nag download ako sa save data tapos sinunod ko yung instruction. Tapos sir pag punta ko na sa load game nawala lahat yung na save ko lahat natural lang po yan sir??

  322. Fizz says:

    Or how much space do it required to be installed?

  323. Phgamers says:

    Admin dont forget to update “LAST DAY ON EARTH”

  324. kurt says:

    It won’t download

  325. demz ubay says:

    pano po piliin yung ii.yung gf nya kausapin nanay nya wala nmn sa pagpipilian yung about erik where’s erik lng…pls help…reply po agad

  326. demz ubay says:

    and please finish the game

  327. Dipaj says:

    I can’t wait to play all the events… Hope it will finish coming year… 2018.. With great story…

  328. paul says:

    Do i need to download again the 0.14 version? i have 0.13

  329. roldan says:

    Sir wala po bang savefiles yang 14.3 Na version link nga po Kong meron plllllssssssss!!

  330. dd says:

    No savefile

  331. fantastic_me says:

    Save data for 0.14 please

  332. pogi says:

    paano bumili ng panty ni mia pangtrade sa kanya?

  333. roldan says:

    Puntaka SA ate nya

  334. NOT A YASUO MAIN says:

    Save data for 14.3?

  335. Soul says:

    0.14.3 save file plssssss help me

  336. ilhamas says:

    Save data is no working
    different version

  337. Emao says:

    Save date is not working.. Old version.
    Please update? Thanks

  338. hokage says:

    the save file not working I dont need the finished game in 14.3 I want to continue the game I started in 14.1 plsss I love challenge

  339. humprey says:

    What should i download for summertime saga v14? The mirror or the other one

  340. Jimi says:

    It can’t load even if i already downloaded the save file there are error message ‘Hey, your save file from an older (but no less dank) version of the game. Best to start a new game before you rage quit for all them bugs.’ What that mean admin

  341. jm malapit says:

    latest version po ba to?

  342. NARD says:


  343. leonlove says:

    it is not downloading

  344. leonlove says:

    is this game for android S5 mini kernel version

  345. Siya says:

    Save game not play pls tell me how to play

  346. Zedd- says:

    Do you have the new saves for v14.3?

  347. Do you have the new saves for v14.31 the latest one

  348. Romnick says:

    What is the password on my computer?

  349. Jayson says:

    Why can’t I run off the valve in the basement every time i press it its exiting….help please,really need to fix the shower in the house….

  350. rhuel baybayon says:

    San na ang save data ng 14.3 paki upload naman…

  351. xxxxz says:

    Pano ayusin to? Unfortunately summertime saga has stopped? Reply asap please thankyou!

  352. Jiegz says:

    App not installed yan lumalagas pag iniinstal ko pahelp po admin

  353. gwapo says:

    bakit si ma install?

  354. Summertime says:

    Ayaw po gumana ng saved file nyo sabe old version daw po wala po bang latest??

  355. gwapo says:

    bakit ayw ma install????

  356. Jericho says:

    Gumagana po ba to sa j7 prime?? Download ko pero virus lumalabas kaya exit ko nalang..thanks.

  357. leon says:

    it is not downloading

  358. Hla says:

    Where is new version?

  359. Ryan says:

    The saved data isn’t there in the game I have extracted it

  360. kent says:

    nagana ba to sa lenovo s920 kitkat sir?

  361. Piege says:

    Where is the save data for this version? I only see saved data for v14.1

  362. kosal says:

    hi admin.
    why your save Data does not work with new version of
    game ?

  363. MasterBondoc27 says:

    Bakit po updated meron po bang Dinagdag?

  364. Dipak says:

    I wanna Roxxy event…

  365. Dipak says:

    Was the Game has fully update……

  366. kenj says:

    Bkt po ganun,kay erik quest po nasa hospital na ko at nka tawag na sa phone pero pag baba ko sa 1st floor sa reception nan dun pa rin ung matanda

  367. Luaone says:

    Pano ko makalbas ng hospital d ko makuha un key sa reception desk tinawagan k nmn c roz d nmn sya umalis sa pwesto nya

  368. nibba says:

    he wanted to know how to install the app

  369. Bosswheng says:

    Ang hirap e dl kung saan saan site napupunta…pa help naman jan same lang ba tayo? Mga paps?

  370. Dipak says:

    What’s new……

  371. Dipak says:

    Rooxy event…. Was unlock

  372. Refat says:

    how come next update

  373. PECrafter says:

    Pwede po ba to sa mali400 6.0 Marshmallow

  374. Rana says:

    What is new in this update of the game???plz tell me

  375. Je says:

    There is a problem with the file. Can’t download in my android.

  376. Mhon says:

    Panu poh ung quest ni captain terry?

  377. Firedragon44 says:

    Hi admin
    Can u update roxxy’s
    Noble and how to open the factory
    And the boat help ty

  378. Foxxy says:

    may iba pa bang paraan pra hindi e delete yng old prng e update lng ksi syng namn nsa

  379. Je says:

    What is the code in the treasure chest?

  380. carl says:

    Please Add more adult games. Also available in MiKandi & Lazeeva paid apps.It have good games to buy please add for us free.Thank You.Good Luck

  381. King Matin says:

    Thanks on your marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed reading it, you might be a great author.I will remember to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back sometime soon. I want to encourage you continue your great writing, have a nice morning!

  382. Eduardospn says:

    Good application but there will be some way to have it in Spanish or please translate it

  383. Naingkaung says:

    App download

  384. J says:

    There are two summertime saga or one only ? Thanks

  385. whelz says:

    annon password?

  386. whelz dzon says:

    password of annon com?

  387. Gerda Royse says:

    This really takes investing to the next level and helps anyone become a pro. I personally got started about 2 weeks ago investing and I’m already making profit and did it all thanks to the help of an app. It also includes a free stock to start off, literally anyone can do this. I’m sure this will provide tremendous value to anyone that sees this. You can check it out here:

  388. Rewin says:

    Sir where is the cache for summer time saga

  389. Darwin says:

    Apk file lang po talaga yung kailangn i download ma oopen na sya?

  390. Benie Mark De Pedro says:

    Sir meron ba kayong save para sa version 00.14.51
    Salamat bro

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