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GTA V MOBILE APK + DATA Android Game Download For Free

Download GTA V MOBILE APK OBB For Free - GTA V MOBILE Android Game Full Download APK and DATA for Free, GTA V MOBILE Android Game v5.3 Latest APK Download.

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Screenshots: GTA V MOBILE

GTA V MOBILE APK DATA Download For Free (1) GTA V MOBILE APK DATA Download For Free (2) GTA V MOBILE APK DATA Download For Free (4) GTA V MOBILE APK DATA Download For Free (3) GTA V MOBILE APK DATA Download For Free (1)

Descriptions: GTA V MOBILE

Free Download Grand Theft Auto V ( Gta San Andreas Mod Apk Cleo) For Android |Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – you already know this game from the PC platform, this masterpiece is now switched to a mobile platform. And not just transferred, but also brought with it a bunch of improvements, the quality of the graphics to a variety of cars. As mobile android version has an extended storyline. He tells of the adventures of the same Carl Johnson, who once escaped from the Los Santos. Now it he discovered a new city – San Andreas.

– Improved graphics, done the optimization for mobile devices
– There is support for the synchronization service saved games from Rockstar
– Easy operation based on two analogue control
– A variety of controls for running and for cars
– Moga Controller Support
– The function of the graphics settings for each device

1. Download Apk and Gamecache
2. Extract Gamecache, move folder com.rockstargames.gtasa to Internal/Android/data
3. Install APK and Run the game

NOTE : This data it for GPU Mali (etc)

if force close go to android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/texdb
You will see folders,
-gta 3

inside of that folders has a file that has etc and pvr

Rename that to
for Adreno : dxt
for Powervr : pvr



Download Instruction

Click Download orange button below, Wait for 5 seconds and click the skipad at the right top corner, and the file will be automatically download. Sometimes the file is in another website, just click the download and the file will be download. For more info click this link "".

Apk File

Download MIRROR 24.5MB

Game Cache

Path to cache: /Android/Data/

Download MIRROR 700.2MB


How to install?

Download the game APK file, After Download Finish, tap the downloaded file in your notification bar and Install.

Or go to your File Manager and navigate your Download folder, find the game apk and install it.

Install Blocked?
Go to your Settings > Security >Unknown sources (check it if there’s no mark)
How to install the game with cache?

Download game APK file and Game Cache

Go to your File Manager and navigate your Download folder.

Find the gamecache file and tap long press the file and tap the menu in your phone and tap Extract or Decompressed.

After Extract or Decompressed the file, Copy the folder that start in com. and paste to Android/OBB folder or Android/Data. you can see in Download orange button above where to put the cache file

You can now Install the apk and open it.

Cant get it?
See our video How to install with gamecache
How to know my phone GPU?
To know your phone GPU, you need to install CPU-Z here Download and Install it and you will see your phone GPU Renderer in SOC tab

Comments On GTA V MOBILE

429 responses to “GTA V MOBILE”

  1. 009 says:

    Hindi po ba to ma lag sa Mali 400 …1gb ram??

  2. 101 says:

    pwede ba ito sa

  3. rangie says:

    Ayaw ma download yong cache

  4. 0922 says:

    Bakit di ma downloadnung cacherr

  5. Bentongfire says:

    Di na madownload exceed na yung quota sa download katulad ng isang mirror link. Requesting another mirror link

  6. 09758459619 says:

    pano po yung change etc format folder
    paki turo naman po kung pano gawin.please

  7. Thuan says:

    Does i need the obb file ?

  8. Guest says:

    how about tegra gpu?

  9. 669 says:

    Link eror ???

  10. yolo says:

    f force close go to android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/texdb
    You will see any folder,
    Change etc format on folder :
    -gta 3

    paano po gagawin dyan nagforce close po kase Mali Device po

    • xtian says:

      ganyan din saken putik hanggang sa airport lang

    • alwei says:

      Palitan mo yng mga etc to dxt or pvr
      Alam nyu nmn sguru kng para san ang pvr at dxt??

      Katulad ng xample pumasuk ka ng android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/texdb

      Nadami ka makikita na folder jn hanapin mo lahat sa folder nayan yng nka name n etc katulad ng gta3.etc rename mo yng file,palitan mu yng (etc) to (dxt) or (pvr)..

      Add me on facebook kng hindi pa malinaw ang xample na ito

      my fb name #Alwei

      • pogi says:

        Bakit yung akin

        paano pag gan yan yung gitna lang babaguhin

      • 143 says:

        alwei di kits makita sa fb
        di KO Alan and any PVR at dxt at para saan yan nagddalawang isip ako mag edit kasi di KO alam ano papalit KO dxt or PVR ba
        help me pls?

  11. Arya says:


  12. Arya says:


  13. #44 says:

    How to fix force close? Im using mali 400 2gb ram

  14. 511 says:

    Fix it again? For all gpu, force close and hold

  15. 512 says:

    Fix it again? For all gpu, force close and hold!

  16. King says:

    I’ve done changing etc to dot. After that the has start but suddenly crashed again. How can I fix it?

  17. 246464 says:

    Ok to paps may mga konting bugs pero om naman tnx

  18. 09101916296 says:

    Boss may obb po ba yan..? Salamat po sa mag cocoment!!

  19. robert says:

    force close nagpalit na din ako ng ect …
    ayaw ata sa arm64-v8a

  20. robert says:

    ayaw ata sa arm64.nagpalit na din ako ng ect

  21. 999 says:

    This is real GTA V or a mod of GTA San andreas

  22. wang says:

    Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time.

    Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can’t access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.
    weew nka ilang araw na ako di ko parin ma dl. hahaha

  23. Jam says:

    Original po ba to o yung moded lang?

  24. John Ray says:

    Wala Puba kayong video neto baka kasi fake sayang lng yun pinang do4

  25. John Ray says:

    Pinang download

  26. Gamer Gaal says:

    Can i play it in android?

  27. DILIEEPA says:

    My game is not working, Today at this time i download this game on my mali gpu mobile.. after install i try to play this game, but it’s auto exit after enter the game, please help me

  28. 54631 says:

    Bkit nag foforce close sa mali 400

  29. Renz says:

    Bob p.o. by an?
    Was slang Gig lab lahat yan?

  30. Renz says:

    Obb po nyan?
    Tas ilang gig po lahat yan?

  31. 221 says:

    if force close go to android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/texdb
    You will see any folder,
    Change etc format on folder :
    -gta 3.dxt
    My Gpu Adreno : dxt

  32. 0013 says:

    Bat sakin pag lalaruin ko na black lng nalabas sa screen na extract ko naman

  33. 7746 says:

    Black screen lang po sya? Patulong po

  34. Aungkoko says:


  35. ALVES says:

    I hv follow all the step but when i click the new game it force close

  36. Ares says:

    Hey guys anyone tried downloading this game and actually played it without having trouble( specifically Adreno gpu)? Just want to confirm if this works coz few times I downloaded games from this site that is not working well. And is it a original gta V or only modded version? Hope someone answer my questions:)

    • DroidApk says:

      There is no ever gta v original in android

      • 235 says:

        Wtf I just downloaded this game today and ended up wasting my data. I downloaded it using Google drive then after I downloaded all the fcking 700mb it says open it with etc etc.suddenly my Internet got slow so I reconnected but Wtf when I returned the game which I downloaded requires me to download it again wtf another 700mb. You mean ones I don’t open it it will reset? If I used Google drive to download it? Fcking waste of data

        • DroidApk says:

          first: were not force you to download this file.
          second: you must read our instruction in the description carefully
          third: learn to read

  37. Ivan says:

    Pwede ba malaro to kahit may gta san andreas ako hindi ba ma ooverwrite yung data ng gta ko

  38. Ivan says:

    Hindi naba kaylangan ng obb yan

  39. 2127 says:

    It keeps on crashing…please help..gpu mali 400…
    Please help…???

    • DroidApk says:

      force close in mali 400,

      • 2127 says:

        Yes…what can i do sir to stop from crashing?

        • DroidApk says:

          Please read this post

          • 2127 says:

            I did already what ‘s is in the post..please help i want to play this game…it is only loading when i press the start game…but after that it close automatically… Please Sir… Help me to fix it…?

          • DroidApk says:

            you did not read. you must change the etc file format if your GPU is Adreno or PowerVr. Read our FAQ how to know GPU. FAQ is below in download area

  40. april says:

    hello, i already changed etc to dxt since adreno yung gpu ko, pero ayaw parin maopen 🙁

    • DroidApk says:

      all files that has etc in

      -cutscene folder
      -gta_int folder
      -gta 3 folder
      -mobile folder
      -txd folder

      theres a file that has etc.

      Change it when your gpu is Adreno or Powervr,
      change etc to :
      Adreno : dxt
      Powervr : pvr

      make sure you install properly. read this post carefully

  41. Chris says:

    Mr droid please answer me ganto gagawin ko kapag download ko ng apk and data extract ko ang data niya tapos move ko sa android/data and paste tapos install ang apk kapag nag lalag or lumalabas pupunta ako sa android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/texdb tapos pag punta ko ma kikita ko ang cutscene
    -gta 3
    pag na kita ko gagawa ako ng folder ng etc pag ka gawa ko move ko ang
    -gta 3
    sa folder ng ‘ETC’ ganon po ba ? kasi hindi ko maintindihan salamat sana ma sagot mo po agad ^_^

    • DroidApk says:

      no. inside of that folder
      -gta 3

      theres a file that has etc.

      Change it when your gpu is Adreno or Powervr,
      change etc to :
      Adreno : dxt
      Powervr : pvr

      • Chris says:

        eh mali yong akin eh anong gagawin ko lalagay ko ang
        -gta 3
        sa anong phong folder? please tagalogin mo ko kasi hindi ako ma ka indinti kainti ng english 🙂

  42. shahzada says:

    2gb ram phone. S3 neo

  43. NorvinJake says:

    Pag natapos na ba i download yang dlawa na yan.
    Pwedi na malaro agad or kailangan pa ng zachiver?

    • DroidApk says:

      yes. need to extract the gamecache. read our FAQ how to install

      • 459 says:

        I think game does not work well.I already followed all the things that needs to be done. I already change etc to dxt coz my gpu is adreno.but ones I open the game I am inside my characters house but whenever I try to go outside it keeps on force closing.

  44. secret says:

    gagana po ba to sa S$

  45. crest prbn says:

    what to do for MALI-T760 (SAMSUNG S6). its don’t work for any of them (etc, dxt, pvr )

  46. rey says:


  47. rey says:


  48. alwei says:

    Gpu Andreno user po na palitan kuna yng etc to dxt nag work din nmn pro kapang lumabas aku ng bahay automatic close po yng game wala nmn po force close na lumabas..anu po yng problema??

    • 459 says:

      Ganyan din yung akin to.pag lumabas ng bahay bigla mgexit. Tingin Ko yung file mismo problems.haha ayaw lang nilang aminin.

      • DroidApk says:

        No. Already tested no lags and force close. Make sure you install properly and you phone is not low spec

    • DroidApk says:

      Rename also the pvr

      • 384 says:

        I tried renaming all the pvr and etc to dxt but after that it forced close.but when I only rename those folders on your instructions I can play the game but when my character go outside the house it returns to my homescreen. Btw there are only 2 folders with pvr (menu,player) should I both change those pvr inside those folders to dxt? For adreno?

  49. 000 says:

    may CHEAT na po ba yan?

  50. 0909 says:

    how to change etc

  51. xtian says:

    bakit di kaya ng 1gb ram mali-400 ? nag foforced close

  52. 5+5-10 says:

    Gagana poba ito sa vivo y53 adreno 506 marsmallow 6.0

    Respect pleas fast comment

  53. jom21 says:

    how to fix force close in mali gpu?? yung sabi mo na e cahnge is for powervr at adreno lng panu nman sa mali gpu?? can you answer it?

  54. 999 says:

    Bakit po error Pag papalitan ko na ng etc yung Mga files

  55. 0999 says:

    pano po ba palitan yung Mga files

  56. mirace Le says:

    can you make it more lite like gta sa lite please

  57. Rjhgf says:

    Bakit po napailtan ko ang my etc ng dxt,bat lumalaa pa po sya,d na ma open

  58. 5666 says:

    Pls I download de GTA v …it force to close

  59. 55666558 says:

    Pls I v rename text to dxt ..buh still force to close ..pls help

  60. 55666558 says:

    Pls my phone is Mali 400 ..

    I Chang de etc to dxt .still force to close

  61. king says:

    help nmn po pano gagawin ko ayaw prn kc gumana nung skn pinalitan ko n dn nmn ung etc ng dxt lhat ng nsa folder na sinabi pero gnun prn ayaw prn gumana

  62. 2004 says:

    It is mod game or official???

  63. Sekai says:

    Hi, Thank for your game. I have a problem, after I update my Asus zenfone 3 max to ANDROID 7 (nougat) your game keeps force closing, please help me 🙁

  64. fred says:

    i paly in my huawei mali 400,i can walk but after 1 minute it force stop pleae help me

  65. guest says:

    Kailangan pa obb?

  66. Ejayjay says:

    Kailangan paba ng gta sa original para mapagana na gta V?

    • DroidApk says:

      no. just read our instruction in the description, if you cant understand read our FAQ, FAQ is below in download area

  67. paolo says:

    yan po ba talaga ung totoong GTA V

  68. Jaymart says:

    Ayaw madownload

  69. jayson says:

    sir pano po maayos yung map nasa baba po kase ng control thanks

  70. Tiago says:


  71. 321311 says:

    Pano po pag blackscreen?

    • DroidApk says:

      read our instruction in the description. check first the GPU of your phone. read our FAQ how to GPU. FAQ is below in download area

  72. Syahidan says:

    Just install both files to play or need to install the original gta sa apk?

  73. Bam says:

    How can i get and where is the cheat for this game thanks

  74. kidx says:

    Does this mod includes cleo scrpits?

  75. Chaw says:

    No need obb?

  76. Yahoo says:

    Hi admin us kolang kung makakahingi ako ng games yung GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 MOBILE need lang po thank you

  77. Karl says:

    Gagana ba ito sa 2Gb ram

  78. richard says:

    sa vivo y53 po pwede?

  79. nuwan says:

    Hai admin …my phn mali 400 gpu kit kat …this game is loading and going to home screen why ?canno t start ?

  80. Manikandan says:

    Game வருது ஆனா தீடிர் திடிர்னு வெளிய வந்துடுது

  81. Kalisto says:

    Merun ako Oppo F1S gagana po kayo to? newbie lang po kasi ako thank you

  82. LizaCallGirl says:

    paps nagopen sya pero pagpindot ko nung offline balck screen lng sya nag w8 ako ng 10 min wala padin.. mali t830 po akin. chichange ko pa ba yung files na nasa tut?

  83. Nel Alfred says:

    May online mode ba to?

  84. Kalisto says:

    Kindly double check your link sir, wala po talaga 2 days na ako naghihintay nsa download link puro error po. sana po ifix nyo salamat po

  85. ace balais says:

    Hi sir.droid good day.
    Why my gtaV. Always crush when i choose offline. Can u help me sir. I try both link and mirror. I follow all instructions sir.
    Can u help me sir droid.
    My cp is adreno 505 android 6.0 octacore.
    Reply in email sir.

  86. Karl Owen Pelayo says:

    Gumagana ba ito sa 32 gb

  87. Will says:

    Force close for MALI! Please help

  88. Leon says:

    When I click offline in title screen, it will not run. Black screen will just pop-up like loading screen, but it does nothing at all even if I wait. Please help me a little.

  89. MarkFerrer says:

    Baket anlag sakin?? Nagawa ko na pero anlag lang

  90. carlo says:

    Bat saakin pag click ng offline all black lang sya?

  91. jim says:

    ayaw sakin mali t830 ako

  92. mojho says:

    not gta V, this is gta san andreas

  93. carlo says:

    Black screen?? Then not responding??

  94. Rexie says:

    Bat ganern lahat ng laman ng instruction ginawa ko ayaw padin gumagana ba yan sa zenfone 3 max 5.2?

  95. Havoc says:

    Kelangan kopa ba ng Obb File para ma run tong game o ilalagay ko nlang yung file na nadownload ko?

  96. KLed says:

    Sr. my phone is OPPO NEO5 16gb internal but the ram is i dont know and its A MALI 400 i guess does it work but when i tried to play it after i get out of the house it exits

  97. ORG.GAMER says:

    Sir. panu ipasok ung cache para deretso laru pagkatapos madownload ang cache, may cheat po ba dun sir thanks

  98. ORG.GAMER says:

    Sir pag nadownload na ung cache magiging english po ba un sir salamat

  99. ORG.GAMER says:


  100. olracs says:

    baket po pag pinindot ko na yung offline black lang sya dina nag pproceed sa game mismo?

  101. kim says:


  102. Babaabab says:

    Its work in vivo y53 andreno?

  103. unknown says:

    mali T720 ang akin ok na ba yun?

  104. kim says:

    na download ko na po completo pero pag inextract k na po pag umabot nang 86% fail na po

  105. joshua says:

    ilang mb po ito pagkatapos i extract pls pasagot nmn po

  106. unknown says:

    na extract ko na cache nalagay ko na din sa android/data sabay install ko ng apk bat nagfoforce close? anong gawin ko boss?

  107. justin says:

    bkit ganun pag na extract ko sa android/data hanggang 700mb lng na iiextract try ko nang install apk pag nag start new game ako nag baback

  108. rommel says:

    black screen on my samsung galaxy j5 2016 adreno

  109. Rose says:

    My phone is Mali T720 and i follow the instructions below but it was force close what should i do. Needed some help here

    • DroidApk says:

      whats the OS and GPU of your phone?
      make sure you read our instruction in the description area

  110. glenn says:

    Ginawa ko naman lahat pero bakit black pa rin

  111. Jei says:

    Ok naman sakin ahh. Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime user. Paano cheat d2 Paps?

  112. Kulugo says:

    Bakit po black screen sakin…

  113. Dwight says:

    Sir bakit may nalabas na white bigla after ilang seconds laruin yung game tapos biglang mag koclose? Na follow ko naman lahat ng instruction yung etc ginawa ko ng dxt kasi adreno GPU ng phone ko. Xperia m4 po phone ko kaya naman po nun ayung normal na GTA.

  114. leblon says:

    do it need the obb?

  115. Dwight Somera says:

    Sir kapag nirename ko naman PVR ayaw naman gumana :3

  116. Anounymous says:

    kaya ba ng malit720 GPU yan?

  117. Nash says:

    May cheat naba to.

  118. Keme says:

    Bakit nagfoforce close siya sakin? Using s7 mali gpu

  119. keme says:

    ARM mali t880, nougat

  120. christian says:

    Gumagana po ba ito sa thrill plus 16gb 6.0 ng walang root?

  121. pangkoy says:

    sir bat d ko ma open?! oopen ko palang lalabas na Mali-T860MP2 po gpu ko?!

  122. TS Escorts says:

    347601 977827An intriguing discussion will likely be worth comment. Im positive which you require to write more about this topic, it may not be a taboo subject but normally consumers are too few to chat on such topics. To an additional. Cheers 209066

  123. Unknown says:

    Boss bakit force close sakin mali user naman ako ginawa ko na rin lahat ng instruction

  124. Unknown says:

    Hi sir if Mali po ba di yung mga files na etc di ko na babaguhin at yung mga files na pvr gagawin kong etc? Ty po paaaaaweer pa po master.

  125. GK MANOJKUMAR says:

    I have one doubt how to i know Adreno : dxt
    My mobile is vivo y21l how to i know

  126. youwonsungi says:

    Can this game works on j1 mini samsung the ram is aproximately istimated to 700-750?

  127. NnEpRiS says:

    Can/did you(admin) understand TAGALOG.

  128. Karlbenz says:

    Pwede po ba to sa Mali sir

  129. petercute says:

    Patulong hindi gumagana sa oppo 5.1version

  130. petercute says:

    Sgot na po plsssssssss

  131. Edilbero says:

    Bkt po hindi gumana sa akin mali750 po paano po ba ayusin plsss

  132. Jhon says:

    Pwd ba sa 7.0 nougat galaxy j7 pro

  133. maizky says:

    saan ba talaga ilalagay ung cache sa obb o sa data?

  134. ajbueza says:

    just follow the instructions gumana naman saken

  135. Jhon says:

    Gagana ba s 7.0 nougat

  136. Jhon says:

    Rply plsss gagana ba sa 7.0 nougat

  137. Polo kolo says:

    Sir what is the best setting for this game to fix the lag

  138. Polo kolo says:

    Sir why i dint’nt download the apk file i try to click the color orange and mirror but i dint’nt download but the cache is downloading what is the problem of this tnx sir

  139. Dale says:

    Unfortunately, GTA V (GTA SA MOD) has stopped on my LG G5

  140. Popolo says:

    Last question sir why gta v is not working in my samsung galaxy e5 ewhat is the problem of my phone the gpp is adreno 360

  141. law says:

    Im andreno…
    Pinalitan kona yung file na me etc at pvr ng dxt base sa instruction pero ng coclose pdin siya

  142. Popolo says:

    Sir lahat po ba ng nakalagay na may cut scene yung mga katabi po nun lahat po nayun papalitan ng pang adreno kasi adreno po kasi gpp ng cp ko papalitan ko po ng pang adreno lahat ng mga yun tnx

  143. Alvin galceran says:

    Admin ayaw gumana sa zenfone 3 ko, lahat ng nsa guidelines ginawa ko na, adreno tm 505 ang gpu ko, lahat ng etc file sa folder na nsa guidelines pinalitan ko na..kaso ayaw tlga, nilagay ko na sa data, ayaw pa din, nilipat ko sa obb ayaw parin, clean my ram and restart ayaw tlga..

  144. Dale says:

    after kong pinindot yung offline bigla nalang nagexit

  145. Gino says:

    Paano malalaman kung adreno or powervr

  146. jess garci says:

    Kailangan parin po ba dito may excisting na GTA SA bago i download ang GTA V MOD?

  147. Popolo says:

    Sir i follow the intruction but hta v not working in my phone i cut the cache to android data but not working

  148. jogos friv says:

    78986 744329Some genuinely great info , Gladiola I detected this. 802398

  149. GangsterVegas says:

    hindi naba kailangan ng OBB files

  150. Jed says:

    Wala po bang pang Snapdragon? Xiaomi Red Note 4X gamit ko. Please reply

  151. john says:

    ok ba to sa RN4X kahit wlaang Emulator?

  152. Joker says:

    How to rar file extract android file manager ?

  153. Eco says:

    Kailangan pa ba ng cheat?
    Link ng cleo gold plss.

  154. Seira says:

    Gumagana po ba ito sa MyPhone My27??

  155. Angelo says:

    Ilang mb ba to?

  156. Ej Rivera says:

    di gumana sa adreno 505 ko sinunod ko nmn ung dxt tut

  157. Jo says:

    ganito ba mag rename sa Adreno ?

    mobile.etc.dat -> mobile.dxt.dat ??

  158. salem says:

    gumagana po ba into sa Android 6.0?

  159. You says:

    Bakit black screen lang
    Pls reply agad!!! Admin

  160. Fred says:

    pwede pa to sa huawei Y5 mini

  161. fred says:

    ce gta es fiable?

  162. ken says:

    Sinunod ko nman ng tama ang instructions. Pinalitan ko ng dxt bawat etc at pvr. Ayaw pa din forced close. Di ba gumagana sa asus max 4?

  163. sam says:

    I only have the gta 3 folder. Helo

  164. fransen says:

    Pano malaman kung ano GPA Mali ung cellphone ko?

  165. fransen says:

    Pano malaman kung GPU Mali ung cp ko

  166. fransen says:

    Nagana ba ito sa mali-400 ?

  167. AlvinAlf says:

    Why can’t open the game? Is force close,
    The file etc and pvr was i rename but can’t. Please help me

  168. Athan says:

    Gumagana po ba ito sa myphone. My87

  169. mark says:

    Nagana ba to sa mali400 mp2?

  170. Arjay says:

    Bakit nag foforce close? Mali naman gpu ko? Pagkapasok ko ng pizza shop.. ayun force stop na. Pag relaunch.

  171. Arjay says:

    mali-t720 gpu ko? Bat ganon admin

  172. Iñego says:

    Gumagana ba ito sa OPPO A71

  173. bambi says:

    Pwede bATO sa cherry mobile na mali400??

  174. floubertpastrana says:

    sure po bang gagana sa vivo y53 ko 2gb ram

  175. king says:

    There are files like gta _int.etc.dat
    Which ones should I rename

    • DroidApk says:


      for Adreno GPU: dxt
      gta _int.dxt.dat

      for Powervr GPU: pvr
      gta _int.pvr.dat

      if you dont know whats the GPU of your device. please read our FAQ.

  176. Larry* says:

    sa samsung galaxy s7 edge anong GPU graphic accelerator? Hindi kasi gumana sa pvr at dxt. Need help asap

  177. sirpenn says:

    Talagang GTA V (GTA SA MOD) yun apk.
    Modded na talaga.

  178. catsby says:

    Tanong lang paps 700 mb talaga mb yan?

  179. androgamer says:

    it will work on my 0+8.97 lollipop 1GB Ram?

  180. inggo says:

    ILang file po to kapag enextrack

  181. inggo says:

    ILang file po to kapag enextrack o.o young file

  182. Snapdragon says:

    I changed it to dtx why it is the application stop??
    Pls reply need it now tnx

  183. Snapdragon says:

    I mean dxt sori

  184. Chief says:

    nagana po ba to sa huawei mediapad t3 7

  185. potpot says:

    scan your gta v file because that file have virus scan that

  186. yuan says:

    Bakit dipo nagana nagawa ko na yung requirements ayaw parin po

  187. Roy Francis says:

    Nagana po ba ito sa vivo y55?

  188. Cedrick john bathan says:

    Paano po yung sa powervr?

  189. rencetanedo says:

    gagana poba yan?

  190. Saan poba magrerename

  191. Olsennpeji says:

    Desire r7 plus po cp ko cherry mobile.
    Nagawa ko n po that ng instructions.
    Bkt po nagko close apps. (GPU mali po)

  192. Olsennpeji says:

    Skin po GPU mali pero nagko forced close po. Ano spat gawin boss

  193. Olsennpeji says:

    Bt po skin nageexit

  194. louise says:

    Kaylangan paba nito ng data ng gta san andreas
    Kasi biglang nag babblack screen pagkatapos kong pindutin yung offline please reply

  195. louise says:

    Ok napo pero problem ko namn “UNFORTUNATELY STOPED”paano po yon ano gagawin ko

  196. GABE says:

    Sir hindi ko po mahanap yung data na download ko na po yun pero wala

  197. GABE says:

    Pag na close ko po ba yung goggle during download mawawala yung file?
    Continue na po ang pagdownload gamit goggle drive nung accidentally kung na close yung goggle chrome pag tapos na download nun wala yung file

  198. AskMeHow says:

    may nakapagtry na ba nito sa v7+?

  199. GABE says:

    Where the files go after download?help plss

  200. Jl lA lS lK lI lE says:

    kahit ba walang obb files pero na dl na ung data gagana ba yan sir

  201. ChrisIdava says:

    Kuya Hindi po ba ito mag Force close sa
    Adreno 306
    3 gb ram
    Hindi kopo alam kong ano gagawin eh

  202. ChrisIdava says:

    Bqt po nag lalag sakin 3gb ram 16 rom adreno 306 nag lalag sya ayos naman lahat bqt ganon nag clear ram naman at restart phone sagutin nyooo

  203. MakibOy says:

    Kuy’s ba’t po ganon? After ko pong idownload ung file wala naman problema?! Pero sa pag extrac na ng file erro na sya?? Pls help nman po..thanks

  204. chibimark says:

    thank you boss sa mga moded apk mo ang galing mo sana marunong din ako mag mod ng apk god bless boss more power

  205. chy says:

    Mali T830 not working

  206. Mr. King says:

    Paano po ba pag 7.0 nougat and snapdragon??

  207. Lee says:

    Sr nasan po obb?

  208. Lee says:

    Tsaka sir pag na download na yung data file sa google drive pano ko maoopen sa files yon kasi pag nag dosownload ako sa google drive hindi lumalabas sa download history

  209. Justin says:

    Gagana ba ito sa flare s4 max

  210. Davebuemia says:

    Sir Gaganabayan po 700mb

  211. Davebuemia says:

    At sure Bayan sir

  212. angga says:

    My phone oppo gpu Mali 400 ram 1gb

  213. JAIRNEL says:


  214. JAIRNEL says:

    anu pong ipapalit sa etc

  215. Nathaniel says:

    Bakit ayaw maopen kailangan ng obb nya
    San poto makukuha

  216. King2k says:

    Salve dopo che estraggo il file non ho capito cosa devo fare? Ho il Samsung Galaxy s8

  217. King2k says:

    Hi what do I have to do after I extract the file? I did not understand the final step? I have Samsung Galaxy s8

  218. LeeShin says:

    Pano po makita yung weapon

  219. LeeShin says:

    Pls answer my question

  220. Unknown says:

    Hi po pede po ba ito sa qualcomm snapdragon 400/410 1.21 GH

  221. leomar patungan says:

    Nice admin Enjoy ako sa larong to working sya pag sinunod mo ung instruction

  222. dieter says:

    Compatible po ba sya sa android 4.4.2

  223. Lovepreet says:

    You get rid of the real game of GTA five

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