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card-wars-adventure-time-apk-download-droidapk-org-1Card Wars – Adventure Time 12/05/2016
mega-man-3-apk-download-droidapk-org-1MEGA MAN 3 MOBILE v1.02.01 02/17/2017
Larva Heroes Lavengers 2017 Apk Download (1)Larva Heroes: Lavengers 2017 v1.6.6 + Mod 01/30/2017
walkingdeadThe Walking Dead: Season One v1.16 Full 07/15/2016
Outside World APK Download (8)Outside World v2.0 02/22/2017
Dont-Starve-Pocket-Edition-Logo-105x105Don’t Starve Pocket Edition v1.04 Full 01/21/2017
Lords of the Fallen Apk Download (1)Lords of the Fallen v1.1.3 + Mod (Unlimited money) 02/25/2017
dream-defense-apk-download-droidapk-org-1Dream Defense v1.4.122 + Mod 01/07/2017
Sports Hero MOD APK Download (1)Sports Hero v1.0.4 + Mod (Unlocked) 03/16/2017

Category: Horror

The Phenomenon APK (1)The Phenomenon v1.5.2 Full 04/28/2017

The Phenomenon APK (1) The Phenomenon APK (2) The Phenomenon APK (3) The Phenomenon APK (4)

Aid a gallant scientist of mystical phenomena clear out the reasons of the occurrences materializing in the neglected clinic. The important conqueror of this Android game, Barry Nelan, is a renowned scientist of mystical phenomena. aid him unravel another problem. Get specific devices and use your instinct. Take the conqueror along the Acheronian halls and empty apartments. Find different objects which will aid you find phantoms and uncover confidentials of the ago. battle against mystical creatures.


  • Alarming sky
  • Paranormal phenomena
  • Absorbing work
  • Dark venues
  • Explore of concealed objects and indications
resident-evil-4-apk-download-droidapk-orgResident Evil 4 MOD (unlocked all chapter) 04/25/2017

resident-evil-4-apk-download-droidapk-org-1resident-evil-4-apk-download-droidapk-org-4 resident-evil-4-apk-download-droidapk-org-5 resident-evil-4-apk-download-droidapk-org-6 resident-evil-4-apk-download-droidapk-org-2 resident-evil-4-apk-download-droidapk-org-3

It has been six years since the destruction of Raccoon City. Leon S. Kennedy, formerly Raccoon City Police Department’s idealistic rookie cop, is now a U.S. agent with a top-secret mission to rescue Ashley Graham, the President’s daughter. Leon begins his investigation in an undisclosed Spanish-speaking village in Europe, where he encounters a horde of unruly villagers who pledge their lives to Los Illuminados, the cult that perpetrated Ashley’s kidnapping. As Leon encounters unimaginable horrors, he must find out who or what is behind everything. •3rd person perspective camera for a panoramic view of the action. •Blast enemies apart with laser precision. Location based damage means where you aim is what you hit. •Shake the iPhone/iPod Touch to reload. •Context sensitive controls pop up as need allowing you to perform complex actions with a tap of the button. Climb ladders and interact with your environment with a press of an icon. •Play through “Story Mode” to unlock ”Mercenary Mode” missions, a separate game mode with pre-set goals, weapons and conditions. •An all-new “Coin Shoot” shooting gallery mode where the where the goal is to destroy as many blue coins as possible within the time limit. •A total of five difficulty levels: “Beginner”, ”Normal”, ”Professional”, ”Hell” and “Extreme” •New DLC that enhances the gameplay with special cheat modes

Note – this game does not work on all devices. only work on kitkat and 5.0. if this game does not work on your phone then then your phone is not compatible for this game.

The Fear Creepy Scream House APK (1)The Fear: Creepy Scream House 04/23/2017

The Fear Creepy Scream House APKThe Fear Creepy Scream House APK (1) The Fear Creepy Scream House APK (3) The Fear Creepy Scream House APK (4) The Fear Creepy Scream House APK (5) The Fear Creepy Scream House APK (6) The Fear Creepy Scream House APK (2)

“Something had started happening to Marta. She was acting strangely. A couple months later, it was diagnosed that she was psychopath and its cure had not been existed. She was performing scary behaviors. She had started damaging herself. The only choice was taking her to the asylum and breaking up with her. I was so desperate but it was the best thing for our family. I met with Serena after taking her to the asylum and I married with her to forget Marta. Me and my daughter have been happy, but its like I feel something at nights. I have dreamt suicide of my ex-wife for a couple days. I sometimes hear some weird sounds and all of these make me scared. I don’t talk about that with my girl and daughter because I don’t want to make them worried. I don’t know what to do. The only thing that I know is I can’t stand all of these anymore…

Suddenly everything started going wrong. Someone is following you and your family is in threat. You should come back home quickly and see if your wife and daughter are fine. Don’t let your fear beat you and arrive your home before getting late for everything.

– Deeply affecting story
– High graphics
– Fearful and tension atmosphere
– 8 different languages Turkish , English , Russian , Chinese , German , French , Japaniese , Spanish
– Plug in your headphones for the best
– Do you have phobia like horror games and want to lurch because of horror sounds
– The Fear is a paranormal horror and creepy game
– Live in the horrific horror stories and feel the scream sounds
– If you are a fearless player, you will face with your phobias in a terrible and haunted house
– Do not look scared in front of your demon enemy. Because she is like a satan
– You will feel the terror in your bones
– That devil slender enemy give the creeps
– Your evil enemy fled out. Find her or she will come back to haunt you. Because there is no inner angst in her eyes like hell

The Darkest Woods Full Apk Download (1)-minThe Darkest Woods Full v1.6.0 04/18/2017

The Darkest Woods Full Apk Download (2)-min The Darkest Woods Full Apk Download (3)-min The Darkest Woods Full Apk Download (4)-min The Darkest Woods Full Apk Download (5)-min

But we want to bring you a story. The story that you can feel without ultra graphics of paying a lot of money. We want you to go through the game with an interest and thrill.
We hope you like this game, so we could encourage ourselves to make the second part.

Sincerely yours – Team Support


Language: English/Russian – Switch by pressing “Language” in the main menu
Язык: Русский/Английский – Меняется кнопкой “Language” в меню.
The game was made on a Unity engine without any experience.
Programming – Vasily Laschuk
Gfx//Music/Voice – Ameline Reed (Martadello)

Red woods pro apkRed Woods Pro v1.0.7 Full 04/13/2017

Red woods pro apk (1) Red woods pro apk (2) Red woods pro apk (3) Red woods pro apk (4) Red woods pro apk (5) Red woods pro apk (6)

Red Woods follows the stories of Claire Mills, a young college student who after being involved in a car crash awakens to find herself trapped in a dark and abandoned fallout shelter and that of her father Harry as he tries to uncover the mystery behind his daughter’s disappearance.


Red Woods features some of the most natural looking visuals ever seen on a mobile game.

Moments to leave you eagerly anticipating the next twist in the gripping horror story.

Red Woods features a variety of stunningly realistic environments which will challenge your puzzle solving abilities.

Explore and interact with your surroundings with ease through first person perspective.

In-game actions taken by the player determine the faith of the characters.

the-walking-dead-season-three-apk-data-download-droidapk-org-4The Walking Dead: Season Three v1.04 Full Unlocked 03/17/2017

the-walking-dead-season-three-apk-data-download-droidapk-org-1the-walking-dead-season-three-apk-data-download-droidapk-org-2the-walking-dead-season-three-apk-data-download-droidapk-org-1 the-walking-dead-season-three-apk-data-download-droidapk-org-2 the-walking-dead-season-three-apk-data-download-droidapk-org-3

Includes Episode 1 in this brand new season from the award-winning studio, Telltale Games.

**Episode 2 is DISCOUNTED and available in-app for a LIMITED TIME**

After society was ripped apart by undead hands, pockets of civilization emerge from the chaos. But at what cost? Can the living be trusted on this new frontier?

As Javier, a young man determined to find the family taken from him, you meet a young girl who has experienced her own unimaginable loss. Her name is Clementine, and your fates are bound together in a story where every choice you make could be your last.

***Save 20% on additional episodes in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier by purchasing the Multi-Pack [Episodes 2-5 bundle] via in-app in the ‘Episodes’ menu***

Cracked Mind 3D Horror Full APK Download (1)Cracked Mind: 3D Horror Full v1.0 03/14/2017

Cracked Mind 3D Horror Full APK Download Cracked Mind 3D Horror Full APK Download (3) Cracked Mind 3D Horror Full APK Download (2) Cracked Mind 3D Horror Full APK Download (1) Cracked Mind 3D Horror Full APK Download (4)

Full version of the great game Cracked Mind

Cracked Mind: 3D horror adventure game with scary ambience full of puzzles and fear gameplay.

… Lovely strong family, good job – successful life. It was a good old time for our character. He lived by a restful life and enjoyed every moment, every second of his existence. But there are situations when something goes wrong when you do not want to commit the act, but the fate decided otherwise…

The aftermath can bring you out of a rut and change your world, change us, break our minds. And now, instead of the evening family dinner, you’ll find yourself in a strange place…and the most important thing in your eyes… the fear… fear of the unknown.

While you playing 3d horror game Cracked Mind you will see paranormal activity, sick mind games and horror puzzle games. Your aim is to understand what is really happened and how to escape from this haunted place.

* Interesting comics story
* Very good HQ 3D graphics
* Handy control
* Interesting puzzles and adventures
* Spooky haunted house

Candles of the dead APK Download (1)Candles of the Dead Full v1.0 03/08/2017

Candles of the dead APK Download (4)Candles of the dead APK Download (2) Candles of the dead APK Download (7) Candles of the dead APK Download (6) Candles of the dead APK Download (5) Candles of the dead APK Download (3) Candles of the dead APK Download (1)

Candles of the Dead is a 3D horror adventure game.
Light the candles, and banish the evil that haunts an old mansion. Father David went in there first, but now needs your help…

Reporter Android APK Download (1)Reporter v1.03 Full 03/05/2017

Reporter Android APK Download (2) Reporter Android APK Download (3) Reporter Android APK Download (4) Reporter Android APK Download (5)

Your mind is hungry to tricky puzzles and nerves are suffering without ticklish situations? This action-horror “Reporter” from “AGaming+” will shake you to the core! Turn off the light and get your earphones! Be attentive, because it the only thing that can help you to get out from paws of horror, that is happening here.

All the story started in a small town. Once on a wonderful day, the town was shocked by series of horrible kills under terrifying and inexplicable circumstances. Police have tried to hide the facts, but some information leaked and was published by local press. Trying to understand what has happened there, you start your search of truth. But suddenly, you became the part of the story that you’ll remember till the end of your life. Only depends on you will you unravel this plexus of horror and chaos and survive.

Warning: for perfect experience and correct game functioning 1GB of RAM is required.

evil-dead-endless-nightmare-apk-download-droidapk-orgEvil Dead: Endless Nightmare v1.2 + Mod 02/21/2017

evil dead mod apk droidapk.orgevil-dead-endless-nightmare-apk-download-droidapk-org-1 evil-dead-endless-nightmare-apk-download-droidapk-org-2 evil-dead-endless-nightmare-apk-download-droidapk-org-3 evil-dead-endless-nightmare-apk-download-droidapk-org-4 evil-dead-endless-nightmare-apk-download-droidapk-org-5

There are so many horroristic games available through out the entire play store.and most of them based on Movies. Evil Dead Endless Nightmare MOD APK is a chilling, first individual, unending runner games with MOD APK and with forefront 3D illustrations graphics and a climatic soundtrack from the original music composers to feel the un-dead within you. Get ready to be inundated inside the loathsomeness of Evil Dead Endless Nightmare MOD APK!

Furnished with so many original weapons from evil dead movies,notorious Evil Dead weapons, for example, the cutting tool chainshaw or shotgun, players must escape the lodge and guard themselves against Deadites, falling trees and swinging vines inside the woodland. Gather blood beads, updated weapons and get ready to fight against the abhorrent witch to convey the bad dream to an end!with Unlimited Money and Blood you can purchase all the weapons for free and easily.

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlimited Blood


Lords-Mobile-Logo-105x105Lords Mobile v1.37 03/07/2017
tiny-armies-online-battles-android-apk-download-droidapk-org-1Tiny Armies – Online Battles + Mod(unlimited diamonds and coins) 12/03/2016
58495Pocket Arena Legends 08/02/2016
DEAD TRIGGER 2 APK (1)DEAD TRIGGER 2 v1.3.0 + Mod 04/13/2017
doodle-army-2-mini-militia-apk-download-droidapk-org-2Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia v3.0.86 + Mod (Pro Pack) 03/24/2017
castle clash apkCastle Clash: Age of Legends 08/27/2016
heroes-of-skyrealm-apk-download-droidapk-orgHeroes of Skyrealm v1.0.3 + Mods 02/24/2017
sonic-jump-fever-apk-download-droidapk-1Sonic Jump Fever + Mod 11/26/2016
lost in harmony Apk Download (1)Lost in Harmony v2.1.2 02/06/2017
hey-monster-apk-download-droidapk-orgHey Monster v1.3 01/22/2017
FZ9 Timeshift APK Download (1)FZ9: Timeshift v1.1 02/20/2017
father-io-apk-download-droidapk-orgFather.IO – Tactical Map 10/10/2016