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Outside World Remembered Apk Download (1)Outside World: Remembered v1.0 01/22/2017
nba-2k13-apk-download-droidapk-org-1NBA 2K13 v1.1.2 01/05/2017
mega-man-6-mobile-apk-download-droidapk-org-1MEGA MAN 6 MOBILE v1.02.01 02/17/2017
spooky-hill-fast-paced-game-apk-download-droidapk-org-3Spooky Hill: Fast-Paced Game v1.2.0 + Mod(unlocked) 01/03/2017
the-amazing-spider-man-2-apk-download-droidapk-1The Amazing Spider-man 2 02/05/2017
Payback 2 apk download (3)Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox v2.97 + Mod 04/13/2017
Junk Jack APK (1)Junk Jack v3.1.1 04/23/2017
gta-v-android-apk-download-droidapk-org-1GTA V 12/30/2016
Outside World APK Download (8)Outside World v2.0 02/22/2017

Category: Adventure

Riven The Sequel to Myst APK (1)Riven The Sequel to Myst 04/27/2017

Riven The Sequel to Myst APK (6)Riven The Sequel to Myst APK (1) Riven The Sequel to Myst APK (2) Riven The Sequel to Myst APK (3) Riven The Sequel to Myst APK (4)

Taking up where Myst left off, Riven set an amazing new standard for design, aesthetics, and immersion in gaming. Remember Atrus’ trap book, the Moiety intervention, the mag-lev ride, the Jungle village, Catherine’s prison, Gehn’s Age, the Wahrk throne? Now the entire Riven adventure can be experienced from wherever you are.

This is the original Riven – with sights and sounds that have been remastered and meticulously re-assembled for a remarkable experience on your Android phone and tablet. Everything that you remember from the original Riven in an intimate new format where every aspect is explored with a simple touch or swipe.


– All the original Ages & gameplay
– High quality images
– Full music & sound effects
– Full screen movies & animations
– Auto-save and multitasking
– “Bookmark” system to save & restore progress
– Swipe to turn
– Google Play Games achievements
– Zoom in anywhere for more detail
– New! – “Hot Spot” hints
– Integrated Hint Guide

Junk Jack APK (5)Junk Jack v3.1.1 Full 04/27/2017

Junk Jack APK (1) Junk Jack APK (3)Junk Jack APK (2) Junk Jack APK (4)

Make the world truly yours in Junk Jack! Discover and explore exotic planets full of hand crafted content, gather hundreds of treasures, cook foods, brew potions, collect and breed animal companions, build electronic contraptions, farm exotic plants, collect fish, grow flowers, fight monsters, build your humble shelter or the universe of your dreams. The imagination is your only limit!

This is not a freemium game, buy it once and enjoy the full game experience!

– an adventure mode that will let you travel between 12 unique planets with different and intriguing environments
– a creative mode to unleash your creativity and build everything you can imagine
– destroy uber mob altars and defeat them to gather epic loot!
– a fully featured equip system with hundreds of different wearable items to enhance your adventures or just to make your friends envy!
– polished pixel graphics!
– a fully fledged electronics engine allows the creation of complex widgets, even complete CPUs!
– intuitive controls: swipe to move and tap to interact with everything
– liquids to enhance or impede your explorations: avoid dangerous lava or go for a swim in a surface lake!
– infinite procedurally generated worlds to make every adventure always different
– a dynamic day/night cycle that blends with wonderful skies in parallax
– a vibrant coloured lighting engine that will make you enjoy every minute spent in Junk Jack worlds
– brew hundreds of potion by mixing reagents
– character customisation, you can play also as a female!
– a rewarding exploration thanks to treasure chests full of cool things
– tameable dogs, cats and many other animals that will follow you around
– more than 1000 crafts to be built
– more than 2000 treasures to collect and display in your house
– more than 500 placeable items
– more than 300 different creatures and monsters
– explosives, shelves, signs, dyes!
– a complete farming system with more than 70 plants, even many alien and exotic plants
– an in game guide that will teach you how to play
– two ways of crafting to accommodate even needs of casual users
– tenths of wonderful music tracks by Bright Primate

Multiplayer is being ported and it’s coming soon!

The Big Journey APK (1)The Big Journey v0.9.4 Full 04/27/2017

The Big Journey APK (2) The Big Journey APK (3) The Big Journey APK (4) The Big Journey APK (5) The Big Journey APK (1)

Mr. Whisker is an ordinary member of the cat family. And when his best friend, Mr. Cho, is gone, Mr. Walkers goes on a journey to find him. Tilt the device or use additional controls on the screen to roll and jump in beautiful locations with the original soundtrack of the Ukrainian folk band Choconauts. The Big Journey is a game filled with cats for all ages.

Haunting of Vanishing Isle APK (1)Haunting of Vanishing Isle v1.0.51 Full 04/27/2017

Haunting of Vanishing Isle APK (4)Haunting of Vanishing Isle APK (3) Haunting of Vanishing Isle APK (2) Haunting of Vanishing Isle APK (1)

Four friends go to a deserted island in search of the sunken 1751 Spanish galleon containing $300,000 worth of missing gold.

What they find will be more than they bargained for…

And when the fog rolls in at Vanishing Isle, there’s no leaving until morning. How many of your party will survive the night?

– Whodunit murder mystery
– Save your friends…if you’re fast enough!
– Use your wits to solve puzzles and find the lost treasure
– Immersive fully 3D environment to swipe around and investigate

System Requirements:
– Dual Core processor or better
– 1 GB of RAM
– 1 GB storage

legend-of-zelda-apk-downloadLegend of Zelda 04/24/2017

legend-of-zelda-apk-download-droidapk-org-4 legend-of-zelda-apk-download-droidapk-org-5 legend-of-zelda-apk-download-droidapk-org-1 legend-of-zelda-apk-download-droidapk-org-2 legend-of-zelda-apk-download-droidapk-org-3

The Legend of Zelda is a fantasy-adventure role playing game which will transport you into a unique world filled with puzzles and excitement.

Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo SafariRodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari v1.7.1 + Mod 04/23/2017

rodeo-stampede-sky-zoo-safari-0rodeo-stampede-sky-zoo-safari-4 rodeo-stampede-sky-zoo-safari-1 rodeo-stampede-sky-zoo-safari-2  rodeo-stampede-sky-zoo-safari-3

Saddle up and get ready to wrassle with the stampede-iest critters this side of the Savannah. Lions and Tigers and Bears are no match for this rodeo star. Armed with a lasso and a ten gallon hat, swing from the backs of stampeding buffalo, elephants, ostrich and more. Hold tight atop these bucking beasts and you might just win their hearts. When the stampede’s over, the zoo begins! Fill enclosures with your four-footed friends and let your patrons gaze in wonder. This is one wild ride that you will not want to miss – YEEHAW

Ride through the wild stampede on the backs of buffalo, elephants, and all types of exotic animals
Dodge and avoid obstacles in your chase for high scores
Catch and befriend animals of all shapes and sizes to show off in your Sky Zoo
Invite visitors to come admire your collection
Expand and Manage your zoo to earn huge rewards from visitors

Silent World APK (1)Silent World v4 Full 04/23/2017

Silent World APK (1) Silent World APK (2) Silent World APK (3) Silent World APK (4)

A world devastated by nuclear war …

Humans have become mutated due to radioactive contamination.
The mutant humans lost their temper and attacked each other.

The nightmare was not the end.
The earth was destroyed by all facilities and the dust was covered with light.

The only light left to the survivors was the match.

They have a match that can only reveal moments of the moment.
In the endless darkness,
you must survive mutations that do not know when to appear…

◆ Feature
– After the nuclear war, the world lost the sun, You must survive among the people who have turned into mutations!
– The limited visibility and heavy atmosphere graphics stimulate the user’s fear
– There is a stage consisting of various puzzle elements and character’s smooth action
– Match items that provide light should be used strategically

※ Sometimes the game does not run on certain devices. We will update as soon as possible. Sorry for your inconvenience.

Junk Jack APK (1)Junk Jack v3.1.1 04/23/2017

Junk Jack APK (2)Junk Jack APK (1) Junk Jack APK (3) Junk Jack APK (4)

Make the world truly yours in the Junk Jack! Discover and study exotic planets filled with all sorts of objects, collect hundreds of treasures, cook foods, potions, collect and breed companion animals, create electronic devices, grow exotic plants, fish, grow flowers, fight monsters, build your modest habitation or The universe of your dreams. Imagination is your only limit!

battle-camp-apk-download-droidapk-orgBattle Camp v4.1.1 04/22/2017

battle-camp-APK-Downloadbattle-camp-apk-download-droidapk-org-1 battle-camp-apk-download-droidapk-org-2 battle-camp-apk-download-droidapk-org-3 battle-camp-apk-download-droidapk-org-4 battle-camp-apk-download-droidapk-org-5

Discover over 1,200 Monsters in the incredible virtual worlds of Battle Camp, the top Monster Catching MMORPG!

Only the strongest survive, so be ready to catch, train and evolve monsters as you ready for battle!

Crush your enemies as your forge alliances, forming troops alongside Rangers ready to battle with you at any time. Bring your friends along or meet new ones from around the world. Work together to defeat epic bosses, wage war on other Troops and dominate in REAL-TIME PvP.

Get ready for a world that is constantly changing as frequent raids bring new challenges, new worlds and new monsters! What are you waiting for? Download now.
✔ Catch and evolve 1200+ monsters
✔ Explore a live virtual world
✔ Form a troop with friends and other players
✔ Monster battling puzzle MMO
✔ Battle rivals in real-time PvP
✔ Rise to the top of the leaderboard in weekly events
✔ Design your own unique avatar

Interfectorem APK (1)Interfectorem v1.22.01 Full 04/22/2017

Interfectorem APK (3) Interfectorem APK (4) Interfectorem APK (1) Interfectorem APK (2)

One day, Alice decides to go on an excursion, but something makes her come home, where she finds her younger sister brutally murdered! Overcoming grief and revenge, Alice goes on a journey to find the killer of her sister, following the tracks of the bodies left by the maniac. She must return the favor of death! Interfectorem (which means “killer” in Latin) is a visual novel that lies between humor and fear.


Hero Revolution 3D Apk Download (1)Hero Revolution 3D v2.2 + Mod (High damage/defense) 01/18/2017
battle-island-apk-download-droidapk-orgBattle Islands v2.3.6 + Mod (unlimited money) 01/09/2017
iconInuyasha Mobile 01/31/2017
Ragnarok Spear Of Odin APK Android Game (2)Ragnarok Spear Of Odin v1.0.10 + Mod 04/05/2017
demong-hunter-3-apk-download-droidapk-org-1Demong Hunter 3 v1.1.1 + Mod 01/08/2017
shadowblood-apk-download-droidapk-org-1Shadowblood v1.0.20 + Mod (God Mod) 02/18/2017
gun-x-zombie-infinity-apk-download-droidapk-orgGuns X Zombies: Infinity v2.5 + Mod (Unlimited gold) 03/18/2017
Sniper Arena MOD APK Download (1)Sniper Arena: PvP Army Shooter v0.7.3 + Mods 04/05/2017
Deadheads APK (1)Deadheads v1.3.2 04/27/2017
ozOz: Broken Kingdom Mod v1.3 Unlocked Apk + Data 07/29/2016
The Elder Scrolls Legends APK (1)The Elder Scrolls: Legends v1.63 04/08/2017
Hero Collection RPG Apk Download (1)Hero Collection RPG v1.75 + Mod (God Mode) 02/07/2017